AKM Home Inspection Services Ltd.


With the recent flooding that occurred in Southern Alberta, your home could be at risk of mold. Even if the structure did not suffer water intrusion, the high humidity levels brought on by the record rain falls and flooding, would be one of the three conditions required for mold growth.

Those conditions are relative humidity, moisture and an organic food source. Our homes are basically an organic food source from the wood it is made from, to almost every other item used in construction of a house.

It is strongly recommended that you have your home tested to determine what you are going to be dealing with, and if for no other reason that peace of mind.


Our Home Inspector is now waiting for his Provincial certification as he has passed all the required government protocals. AKM Home Inspection Services will soon be adding a Certified Home Inspector to the team. We will then be offering Pre-Listing, Pre-Sale, Maintenance, Construction Phase Inspections and Thermal Imaging for Heat Loss assessments of your home.

Look for further news items related to this exciting development.